Dead mice and flies found at Asda Southbury Road depot result in £30,000 charge for the supermarket

Picture by Enfield Council

Bloody heck… Is nowhere safe anymore? The question to ask is: Do you shop at Asda? Yes? Then this is for you my friend. Asda have been fined £300,000 after dead mice, rotting foods and flies were found at a home delivery depot in Enfield, London in May last year. Yep… you heard right! Inspectors discovered this nastiness in the ‘bread section’ of the Enfield depot which distributes the goods to online shoppers across London. Mouse droppings were found on shelves and in foods, packets had been clearly bitten. Fly pupae was found under shelves and rotting food was found in several delivery trays upon inspection.


In January 2017, Asda admitted three counts of Food Safety and Hygiene breaches at Highbury Coroner Magistrates Court. Asda was fined the £300,000 and also ordered to pay an added £4,843 in costs. Asda have stated that they have now put steps in place to ensure improvements are made to their food safety processes, including the issues surrounding pest control.

“The conditions found at our Enfield home shopping centre in May 2016 were completely unacceptable and we are deeply sorry that on this occasion the strict processes we have in place failed at a local level,” said a spokesman for Asda.


Be careful and stay vigilant… you don’t want to accidentally purchase a Lamb ‘MOUSE-SAKA’ microwave meal!! 🐀 #RolandRatPackage


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