Ohhh.. no! Ever fallen asleep in the back of a cab and realised you’re not where you are supposed to be? No? Well an Uber passenger did just that! Speaking to The Sun newspaper, 18 year old Computer Science student Aaron Wray is adamant that the 5 hour journey that racked up 240 miles from Brixton to Croydon via Bristol was in no way his mistake as the driver confirmed the postcode with him when he first got into the cab. It must have been at that point the driver made the mistake. A journey that should have taken him a maximum of 30 minutes took him nearly a whole working day! Uber however have another version of events. They claim that it was the student himself that typed in Bristol as the destination address and because he fell asleep, he ended up where he wanted to be. The student goes to Uni in Bristol… luckily for him he doesn’t go to Uni in Lands End!

Uber stated that when the driver Abdi became aware of the mistake, he turned around and drove back to Croydon. Wray says that he only realised he had been to Bristol when he received his £467.00 bill!

As a goodwill gesture for the error, Uber have nicely offered Wray a refund!

Definitely no losing whilst you were snoozing!



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