It’s Saturday 4th March 2017 and tonight we’re live at the O2 Arena in London: First Match started at 6:00pm. Ted Cheeseman vs Jack Sellars in an 8 rounder Super Welterweight contest. Good jabs and combinations given throughout. Owwww… Knock Down by Cheeseman in Round 2. Cheeseman landed a straight shot to the face of Sellars and he hit the canvas. Good defensive play by Cheeseman, keeping real busy. Cheeseman has won 6/7 fights by KO. Cheeseman landed a beautiful uppercut in the 3rd but Sellars stayed on his feet showing swelling on the left eye. Sellars worked the body well in Round 4. Sellars stood his ground well in Rounds 5 & 6. Great effort in Round 8 from both fighters… Winner: Ted Cheeseman on the cards.

Second Match was ‘Lightning’ Lee Selby vs Andoni Gago in a 10 rounder Featherweight contest. Owwww… Soft Knock Down by Selby in Round 1. A blow to the top of the bonce sends Gago to the canvas. Height playing a clear role in this fight. Electric hand speed by Selby causing confusion to his opponent, getting rid of that ring rust! Selby slips an after the bell punch and apologises… end of Round 4. A few slow rounds with Selby dominating them… A very durable Gago pushes forward, keeping busy. A cheeky smash in the face by Selby in Round 6 as Gago offered the glove for stepping on Selbys foot, no apologies… fight, fight. Thunderous blows dished out by Selby throughout Round 8 but Gago stayed in and up… Small flurry of punches causes the ref to step in, Gago is in no fit state to continue. Round 9 with 2:20 remaining… Winner: Lee Selby by TKO.


Third Match of the night was David ‘The White Rhino’ Allen vs David Howe in a 6 rounder Heavyweight contest. Allen looked trimmer and not so ‘top heavy’ for this fight. Good use of the jab and long reach from Howe. Owwww… A tired Howe falls to the canvas after a right to the head, left to the body and a short left hook back to the head again with 1.13 remaining of Round 2. A shaky Howe gets to his feet. A double right-left combo to the head and for the second time Howe goes crashing to the canvas. Staring blankly at the ceiling in no mans land… blood around nose and mouth with 49 secs left in Round 2… Winner: David Allen by KO.

Forth Match of the night was Ohara ‘Two Tanks’ Davies vs ‘Dirty’ Derry Mathews in a 12 rounder WBC Silver Super-Lightweight Championship. A social media grudge match begins… Both opponents in Round 1 started off apprehensive, showing awareness of each other. Testing the jab range. Davies with the reach advantage exposed gaps in Mathews defence. Davies seemed strong in stance but missed with a lot of shots. Davies maintained the centre of the ring by the end of Round 2. Davies offered the glove at the end of Round 2 but Mathews refused to take it! Owwww… Round 3, Mathews gets fed a powerful right hand counter, followed by a flurry of punches forcing him to take a knee and a count from the ref. Another left hook to the body and head and Mathews was out of there… with 5 secs left in Round 3… Destruction jobbie! Winner: Ohara Davies by TKO.

Fifth Match of the night was ‘The Savage’ Sam Eggington vs Paulie ‘Magic Man’ Malignaggi in a 12 rounder WBC International Welterweight Championship. Fight number 44 for Malignaggi showing his ring experience but still finds himself on the end of too many clean shots from Eggington. Good work rate from Eggington. Malignaggi tried to dazzle Eggington with speed by the end of Round 1. Eggington looking like the bigger, stronger fighter in Round 2. Malignaggi’s not the biggest puncher but manages to stick n move, dodge, bob and weave Eggingtons shots well. Malignaggi shows signs of frustration during Round 4. He just lacks that napalm power. Malignaggi ended Round 6 by emptying a 20 piece combo bucket load of punches into Eggingtons face with only a single punch retaliation from Eggington. Owwww… A few uppercuts start the beginning of the end for Malignaggi. An uppercut, a left to the body and one right blow to the left temple was the absolute finisher. With all the wind knocked out of his sails Malignaggi crumples to the canvas wincing in pain… He fails to make the count in Round 8. Has father time caught up with him?? Winner: Sam Eggington by KO.

Sixth Match of the night was Olympic Gold Medalist Katie Taylor vs Monica Gentil in a 6 rounder Super Featherweight contest. Beautiful body shots and fast combos face fed to Gentil by Taylor in Round 1. Gentil tucks up, maintaining a tight defence in Round 2. Great space and accuracy by Taylor, Gentil just can’t get her shots off. Taylor picks up the pace in Round 3 and plants her feet firm. Taylor gets lumped with a strong body shot but recovers well. Gentil looking tired by the end of Round 3. Round 4, both fighters stand thier ground, exchanging punches. Gentil looking the more battered and bruised out of the exchange. Gentil digs deep truly making a fight of this. Pushing forward trying to hold centre ring. Excellent foot movement by Taylor, bobbing from side to side showing her fitness and planting an array of body shots. Round 5, the spiteful punches came out. Taylor lays into Gentil. Arguably one of her best fights! Owwww… Flush, accurate left hook and a volley of punches sent Gentil onto her hands and knees, She’s missing! Ref calls it time in Round 5… Best Knock Out of the night!… Stand up and be proud! Winner: Katie Taylor by KO.

And For The Main Event… David ‘The Haymaker’ Haye vs Tony ‘The Bomber’ Bellew in a 12 rounder Heavyweight contest. Neither fighter touched gloves. Haye looked focused and ready to do damage. Bellew looked relaxed and ready to fight. Early on in the round it was obvious that Hayes 3/4 year absence from boxing left him at an accuracy disadvantage. This showed clear as day with Bellew just side stepping many of Hayes bombs. Haye began to look clumsy and wild, lunging in with big right hand shots leaving his chin flapping for Bellew to catch him every time. Dangerous ground for both fighters… end of Round 1. Bellew shrugs off Hayes early persistent attacks. Haye still looking very careless throughout. Bellew looking more confident and comfortable in the ring, lining Haye up for the bomber shots. Haye continued to fall short of the mark. Bellew stayed sitting on his back foot, biding his time. Bellew definitely fancied the fight after Round 2. Both fighters were looking for the big money shots. Bellew looked sharper and lighter than Haye after Round 3. Bellew kept defending well, keeping Haye just off balance and out of range. Haye landed flush on a back footed Bellew, but Bellew sucked it up well. Haye marches forward, stalking Bellew. Haye lands heavy body shots hoping Bellew takes his mind off his right hand so he can follow through with a big head shot… end of Round 4. Bellew counters right, Haye shows he’s not as fast as he used to be. An exchange of jabs begins. Haye stayed holding the centre of the ring. Haye throws a body shot and a punch to the face of Bellew; Yep… he felt that one. Haye smiles on. Bellew’s cut…end of Round 5. Owwww… Hayes knee goes, he’s out, he’s in massive trouble. Bellew cannot knock him out, down goes Haye… No knock down says the ref. Old injuries are back to haunt him. Haye holds on for the end of the round with his back to the ropes giving some respite. The ref helps a limping Haye back to his corner. An unexpected end to Round 6. The crowd is on fire, the corners are going crazy with instructions, Haye looks in pain and dejected. Round 7 starts with punches from Bellew. Haye is now forced to stand and trade blows whilst holding the ropes for support. Round 8. Haye allows Bellew to lay some punches on his chin. Is Haye struggling with the extra weight? It’s now being said that Hayes injury is his achilles tendon, possibly ruptured. Could this be the reason behind the Munich visit for Haye earlier in the week? Round 9. An injured Haye and a slower Bellew proceed on. Bellew walks and pressures Haye. Haye goes for big punches now fighting for future and pride. Body shots dished out by Bellew, Haye struggles with his leg / foot. An incapacitated Haye struggles with balance issues and lunges at Bellew once again. Applause to the ref for not stopping the fight in the earlier rounds as some may have been concerned and decided Haye was in ‘no fit state’. Well done ref! Haye leans on the ropes once more with Bellew pushing forward. A questionable low blow by Haye allowed both fighters a quick breather. Bellew turns up the heat, Haye survives… Who is going to be the last man standing? Respect is shown by both fighters. Round 10. Hayes leg has now been taped up by his corner, Bellew starts to go for it. The ref now has to speak to Bellew about a low blow. Bellew catches Haye in the corner but fails to put him down. Good retaliation jabs from Haye pushing through Bellews defence. Bellew ties Haye up. A much busier round for Bellew which takes him further up the score cards. Round 11. The tape has now been removed from Hayes leg. Haye takes a huge lunge with a left and sends himself through the ropes… but he’s still in the fight. Bellew lands a smasher on Haye sending him back through the ropes. Haye clambers back in the ring making the count shouting “I’m in… I’m in”. Shane Mcguigan, Haye’s trainer, throws the towel in… and the winner is…The Bomber!  The ref acknowledges the towel. An emotional Bellew heads straight to Haye shrugging off Eddie Hearn and embraces his opponent with nothing but respect, no celebrations, showing that it’s only boxing people! Always good to see. By the way… The Bomber’s getting married in April 2018! What a fight! Courage, Guts & Glory! Winner: Tony ‘The Bomber’ Bellew by TKO.


*GM23*  What a great night of British Boxing! Huge congrats to all the winners and really those who lost came to fight as well, no journey men tonight! Brilliant performance from  everyone… Great promo leading up to the fight, keep us all enthralled , the bets were on! Well done SkySports, Betsafe, Haye Ringstar, Eddie Hearn, Matchroom and all the promo peeps…



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