Brummie born, Holland raised, East London resident rapper & singer Stefflon Don first turned heads with her remix of Section Boyz ‘Lock Arff” feat Inch.  A huge introduction to the UK music scene back in 2015.

Hello… don’t know me… well you do now!

Brand new video from the ‘Real Ting’ Mixtape…

Steff is making her mark as a ferocious UK female rap artist demonstrating her talent and ability to submerge herself in UK rap and oh so easily switching into her Jamaican flow as she demonstrates in ’16 Shots’.  She has an array of features under her belt already including Lethal Bizzle ~ Wobble, Ms Banks ~ Uno My Style Rmx, Jeremih ~ London and Angel ~ Hop On.

’16 Shots’ is the second video release from the ‘Real Ting’ Mixtape but you may already know Steff by her first video release ‘Real Ting’.  Real Ting is absolutely crazy! 16 Shots is just so catchy though and you’ll find it will get stuck in your head and your going to be humming it I promise you! As soon as you think you’ve forgotten the song it will creep back in your head… “I put hands on a b**ch”. Play at super loud volume 🔊

‘Real Ting Rmx’ features the Landlord Giggs and is still fire, fire… however, I don’t think she needs him. Steff holds this down all on her own… Go Girl!

Check out ‘Stefflon Don’: @stefflondon

Ps. Don’t tell her ’bout her mum… It could get messy!

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