We can’t afford to have officers think twice because they fear the consequences of shooting someone. That’s how they get shot…



The IPCC (Independent Police Complaints Commission) hit out today at suggestions made by the retiring Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Bernard 59, that firearms officers were being unfairly “portrayed as suspects” when someone gets shot and that investigations by the IPCC took just “too long.” Dame Anne Owers, chairwomen of the IPCC  suggests his comments have contributed to “myths and selective facts” about the police shootings, and in fact it is the police that are causing the major delays. Writing in ‘The Times’ Newspaper she stated that only 1 officer out of the 20 that were involved in the fatal shooting of Jermaine Baker 28 in Wood Green in 2015  agreed to be questioned by the IPCC. She stated that it took ‘many weeks to get the full accounts from officers and were unable to get vital evidence for ten months’.  Mr Baker was under operation for allegedly being part of a plot to free a prisoner from custody. The officer who fired the fatal shot was arrested on suspicion of murder and has now been on bail for nearly 14 months. She also wrote that it is “too easy” to blame the IPCC and the process is a lot quicker when police witnesses cooperate fully and early. The IPCC has proposed new guidelines for separating police officers to secure “necessary evidence” when a shooting occurs, however, this has been met with criticism by the police stating that rules and regulations on conferring are strict enough and that separating them would again make them feel like suspects, even though out of 24 shooting investigations since 2010 only 3 have been suspects says Dame Ann. They have also complained that issues of welfare comes into play  if officers cannot be with their colleagues after a shooting has taken place.

Sir Bernard, who retires at the end of Feb 2017  has stated that police officers deserve more public support and talking to the Royal United Services Institute that “We can’t afford to have officers think twice because they fear the consequences of shooting someone. That’s how they get shot, or the public gets hurt or a criminal gets away with a gun.”

* Sheeeit….. What the? We would like to hope that ANYONE would & should think twice about pulling the trigga no matter who you are or what uniform you wear, and yes… fear the consequences. You can’t take a life without consequences. It’s probably best that this guy retires.  When you make sweeping statements like that and there are cases where a  life should not have been taken you automatically wipe out the fact that we all know there is a ‘culture’ in the police force which perpetuates and breeds this type of behaviour ending in an innocent life being taken away from their family prematurely. It suggests police can just kill anyone whom they see fits the criteria of being shot? I’m sure this guy is not helping build good relationships between the community and the police force.  Someone surely smiled at the retirement news!*



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